Translating elementary OS to Twi

Thu Jul 02 2020
#elementary OS

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For the past three years I've had this side project. I've been helping to translate elementary OS, a computer operating system, to Twi (Akan) language, commonly spoken in Ghana. This will hopefully make it easily accessible to many people who can only read or speak Twi use modern technology in ― a language they know and understand.

This it part of an Open Twi initiative to make modern technology accessible in Twi. Think of people closer to you, people you know and love. They will really benefit from efforts like these...parents, relatives, neighbours and friends who can only read, speak or understand Twi.

As technology increasingly becomes part of every aspect of our lives, it important to make it accessible to all.

Help make it happen.

I have made these series of three videos to help anyone who wants to contribute to translating elementary OS learn how to get started.