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Lawrence Aberba

I design and code. Full stack engineer (UIX, React + Node.Js, D, PWAs, SaaS, Payments, Dashboards, Landing Pages, ...). Open Source contributor. Simplicity. Modern Web. Passionate about SaaS.

My Work:

Over the years, I've designed and built several projects ranging from content driven websites to full-blown SaaS applications. Here is a chronological timeline of some projects I've worked on, excluding most of my contract work.

2021-present: Traction (Work in progress)

A place for developers. Connect with like-minded people to share, gain career opportunities and advance your potential.

Launching soon.

2020-present: Nnipa (Work in progress)

SaaS for sales businesses to acquire, manage and communicate with customers. Startup idea.

Check it out

2020: Scion Foundation

An aborted NGO website, rural education, health and livelihood. Contract work.

Check it out

2018-2019: HaeDanPa Suite

A SaaS for hotels to use + a Contact Manager. Startup idea.

2018: HaeDanPa

A platform for travellers to plan and budget trips. Startup idea.

2017: Quertiv

A platform for creative people to showcase their talent. Early phase startup idea.

See the code code

2013-2014: Opal Energy Solutions

A Wordpress-like CMS built for a client. Contract.

See the code code

2012-2013: Campus Updates

A platform for campus news and updates. Newbie side project.

See the code code

2012: knowsMe

My attempt to build a social media platform. Newbie idea.

See the code code