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Full stack engineer & Open Source contributor (UIX, React + Node.Js, D, PWAs, SaaS, Payments, Dashboards, ...). Simplicity. Modern Web. Passionate about SaaS.

  1. When TypeScript Goes Extinct

    No one So its TypeScript heh? …

  2. Translating elementary OS to Twi

    No one

  3. Why no one is using your D library

    No one

  4. The D community and Homecoming

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  5. Using the vibe.d web interface


  6. Simplistic JavaScript coding style with ES6


  7. Multiple file upload in vibe.d

    Multiple files upload form

  8. Form upload in vibe.d

    This tutorial assumes you have a basic knowledge in web development and knows basic programming. I recommend that you first read my previous post titled “Hello world app with the vibe.d web framework” if you are new to vibe.d web framework.

  9. Installing Watchtower Library in Linux

    Watchtower Library Installation Setup

  10. Free-to-use software or commercial software, why care?

    Do you have a computer or phone? Do you run a softwares on it? Hopefully you do, but have you ever wondered how the software you use actually came to be made? Well, it is people who develop those softwares and are called Softwares Developers. …