The D community and Homecoming

Mon Jun 29 2020

Back to blogging

So I'm back to writing on my bog, long story short.

I've recently been doing some freelancing and working on my personal SaaS project, @NnipaApp. More about that later.

But what I've also been doing more recently is complaining in the D forum. So I've had this side project going on where I'm looking to help improve the D ecosystem resources and do some series of demos/tutorials on what can be done in D. However, it turns out my analysis and complaints (sort of critique) fuels a lot of other dormant complaints and that might have lead to this:

Then there's the omnipresent negativity of a huge chunk of the community... it's rough. I used to read the forums daily until I noticed that it stressed me a lot, made me feel angry and sad and that it wasn't the place I wanted to be. Now I mostly keep an eye on Announce. I have no idea how this can be fixed though so I'll leave it at that. I completely assume the irony of posting this here.

Now there's a lot going on in the D community, but this very statement made me feel very bad. So I regret for in some way fuelling that...and have decide to change course for the better.

Now I'm back to writing more here, and doing more of what I should have been doing already. Write about D, NodeJs + React, demos/tutorials, etc. I plan to write D articles for like I did back in 2017 and also the D official blog.

And I've got a lot coming!!