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Lawrence Aberba

I design and code. Full stack engineer (UIX, React + Node.Js, D, PWAs, SaaS, Payments, Dashboards, Landing Pages, ...). Open Source contributor. Simplicity. Modern Web. Passionate about SaaS.

The D community and Homecoming

Back to blogging

So I’m back to writing on my bog, long story short.

I’ve recently been doing some freelancing and working on my personal SaaS project, @NnipaApp. More about that later.

But what I’ve also been doing more recently is complaining in the D forum. So I’ve had this side project going on where I’m looking to help improve the D ecosystem resources and do some series of demos/tutorials on what can be done in D. However, it turns out my analysis and complaints (sort of critique) fuels a lot of other dormant complaints and that might have lead to this:

Then there’s the omnipresent negativity of a huge chunk of the community… it’s rough. I used to read the forums daily until I noticed that it stressed me a lot, made me feel angry and sad and that it wasn’t the place I wanted to be. Now I mostly keep an eye on Announce. I have no idea how this can be fixed though so I’ll leave it at that. I completely assume the irony of posting this here.

Now there’s a lot going on in the D community, but this very statement made me feel very bad. So I regret for in some way fuelling that…and have decide to change course for the better.

Now I’m back to writing more here, and doing more of what I should have been doing already. Write about D, NodeJs + React, demos/tutorials, etc. I plan to write D articles for like I did back in 2017 and also the D official blog.

And I’ve got a lot coming!!